Ace Centre courses exploring access and control of technology using adaptations to standard equipment and alternative methods such as switch control or eye gaze. Courses explore the resources available, skill development and assessment and implementation of appropriate solutions.

Look2Talk (I) 15th Dec 21

Introducing Ace Centre's Look2Talk resource: an award-winning guide to making a communication book for children who communicate using eye pointing.

iOS Accessibility (D)

Explore accessibility settings in iOS 13 and learn about adaptations that can be made as well as alternative ways to control the iPad such as mouse, voice and switch.

Access Methods -Touch (I)

Learn about touch control as an access method to iPads, phones and tablets. Find out how you can help people to use touch to access a wide range of activities.

Access Methods - Mouse (I)

A young person using a rollerball to access a device

Learn about different types of mice and mouse alternatives, and how to improve the skills required to use them.

Access Methods - Switch (I)

A young person using a headswitch

Learn about switch control as an access method. Find out about different types of switches,  how they control technology and the skills required to use them.

Access Methods - Eyegaze (I)

Learn about eye pointing as an access method. Explore the skills required to use eye pointing for different activities and the technology to enable control of a computer using eyes.

Access Methods - Voice (I)

Learn about using voice control to enter text, operate a tablet or PC or to control your environment. Find out who it is suitable for and when it might be considered as an access method.