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iOS Accessibility (D)

Explore accessibility settings in iOS 13 and learn about adaptations that can be made as well as alternative ways to control the iPad such as mouse, voice and switch.

Look2Talk (I) 4th Mar 2021

Introducing Ace Centre's Look2Talk resource: an award-winning guide to making a communication book for children who communicate using eye pointing.

Access Methods -Touch (I)

Learn about touch control as an access method to iPads, phones and tablets. Find out how you can help people to use touch to access a wide range of activities.

Access Methods - Mouse (I)

Learn about different types of mice and the skills required to use them.

Access Methods - Switch (I)

A young person using a headswitch

Learn about switch control as an access method. Find out about different types of switches,  how they control technology and the skills required to use them.

Access Methods - Eyegaze (I)

Learn about eye pointing as an access method. Explore the skills required to use eye pointing for different activities and the technology to enable control of a computer using eyes.

Access Methods - Voice (I)

Learn about using voice control to enter text, operate a tablet or PC or to control your environment. Find out who it is suitable for and when it might be considered as an access method.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Unit (E) Jan 2021

Explore the needs of individuals with complex communication difficulties who may benefit from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Critically evaluate the range of AAC resources and strategies available, and explore assessment and implementation of AAC.

Developing and Using a Communication Book (I)

Find out about Ace Centre's guide to creating a communication book in this free introductory session.

How to Develop and Use a Communication Book (D) 15th, 29th June 21

Develop your knowledge and skills to create personalised communication books using this illustrated guide. Find out who 'Developing and Using a Communication Book' is suitable for, how to select the appropriate Stage and discover how to use the templates in Boardmaker 7 to create an individualised resource. This session will be in two parts and is supported by Tobii Dynavox.

AAC Solutions for Aphasia (D) 5th May 2021

An exploration of AAC solutions that can benefit individuals with Aphasia.

Alphapacks (D) 14th April 2021

Explore the different ways that text based resources can be organised to suit the needs of a person and alternative methods of access when pointing is difficult.

Implementing the Pragmatics Profile for People who use AAC (D) 30th Sept, 21st Oct 2021

This course is in two sessions: 
Part 1 - Learn about the development of the Pragmatics Profile for people who use AAC and how to administer it;
Part 2 - Discover how to use the profile to identify appropriate vocabulary for AAC and create communication targets to support personal development.

PODD 2-Day Introductory Workshop (D) 25th, 26th Oct 2021

This two day introductory workshop is hosted and delivered at Ace Centre in Oldham. The course aims to discuss the teaching and learning strategies for implementing PODD communication systems and is taught as a face to face course.

Developing Skills in AAC Assessment (D)

Develop your knowledge and skills to identify appropriate AAC solutions. This course explores the fundamental principles and is suitable for people working with children and adults.

Communication Partners (I)

Reflect on your personal interaction style and develop communication partner skills to support AAC users.

Communication Partners (D)

Develop your skills as a communication partner. Consider what skills are required to use AAC and how to positively support AAC interactions.

Assistive Technology Unit (E) Sept 2021

image of child using assistive technology
This unit will provide you with an overview of Assistive Technology (AT) to support communication and learning. You will consider the assessment process for identifying an individual’s AT requirements and ways to evaluate the implementation of resources.

Splash! (I)

Splash! is a unique Maths and Shapes software programme. It contains activities and worksheets that cover: number, geometry and shapes, measurement and graphs. Splash! has been designed to support pupils who have access issues, particularly those who have difficulty controlling a computer mouse and/or keyboard and has features that support pupils with low vision. 


A shared area for all LAACES participants.


Bolton Local AAC Services pilot project 

Bridgewater LAACES

Bridgewater Local AAC Services pilot project: 
Wigan (Paediatric, ALD, Adult)
St Helens (Paediatric)
Warrington (Paediatric)
Halton (Adult)


Dorset Local AAC Services pilot project 

Isle of Wight LAACES

Isle of Wight Local AAC Services pilot project

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Liverpool Local AAC Services pilot project 

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Stockport Local AAC Services pilot project 

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Newbridge School Partnership with Ace Centre

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